Darwin Deez Tour Nov 2015

I travelled all over UK and Europe with Darwin, Tim, Gregory and tour manager Sebastien in October and November 2015.


I was the only girl out of the four boys (which is not a rare occurrence in this world of music), the token Irish and the youngest by a number of years.  It was certainly an interesting and eye opening experience on many levels and I have learned a lot about myself and my skills as a professional musician!

I loved the tour on many levels as it allowed me to meet some amazing people (namely the support act ‘Peluche’ – amazing girls and an amazing band) and it also allowed me to challenge myself to the max on my bass skills – now my fingers are feeling ready to tackle anything! haha!!  And hopefully the next thing that happens with my music or seasoning again.

I realised during this tour how much I love to play the bass, how important good honest communication is, connecting with people and ensuring that everyone feels listened to is.  I really enjoyed giving all my energy to a performance every night whilst taking time to get to know people and explore the cities each day – usually by taking a short run around each city with Gregory.

Over-all, we had a great time and of course as every tour does – we had our highs and our lows but we made it through to the end and we now have memories that will last a life time! 😉

Shauna x


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